September 7, 2012

Back to hospital

On Saturday afternoon, only a few hours after transfer, I was more bloated than ever. I tried to rest, but was just too uncomfortable.  Everything was hurting, I was super emotional and getting scared.
My husband had forced jugs of water and bottles of Gatorade down my throat for the past few days, but I knew I was still becoming dehydrated.
That night, lying in bed, I was struggling to breath. My stomach was so distended that it was affecting my lung capacity. I calmly woke my husband at about 2am and told him something was very wrong.
We rang the afterhour’s emergency number the clinic gave us... but there was no answer!  So he decided to take me to the emergency ward.
I was starting to panic at that stage and barely made it across the car park; I threw up 3 or 4 times on the way.
On being admitted, I went to the bathroom and there I continued to vomit... I called out for my husband who caught me in the nick of time as I collapsed to the floor.
For the next 12 hours I lay in emergency, hooked up to oxygen and an IV drip. It took 3 different nurses 2 attempts each to insert the cannula, as my veins had collapsed due to the dehydration (you should see my bruises). From there I was finally moved to the  OB/GYN ward and for the next 24 hours they monitored me...
Measuring my girth, weighing me (I had put on nearly 4 kgs since the pick up), blood pressure, blood tests and urine output. I felt just horrible.
My husband decided to have me transferred to the private hospital, so I could be treated by the Doctor that did the pick up and hopefully to expedite the whole process (we were still waiting on an Ultra sound 2 days later!)
The 3rd night I slept better, as I had peace and quiet and my own bathroom.
On Tuesday morning I had the Ultra sound back at the IVF clinic and it showed no signs of OHSS! So they sent me home... where I have been ever since.
I tried acupuncture and Bowen therapy in an attempt to drain whatever fluids/gases were filling up my stomach and slowly but surely it has been getting better.
I’m still sore, but I have weaned off the endone they gave me at the hospital, down to the panadeine forte, to regular panadol. (TMI, but all the pain killers were making me very constipated which was only adding to my woes).
I have booked in for a blood test next Wednesday to see if I'm pregnant, but to be honest I'm not holding my breath.
This last week has been hell, if we get pregnant then it was obviously all worth it, but if we don't, the thought about having to do it all over again is a very daunting one.

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  1. That's terrible. Unfortunately I have heard similar stories from other ladies, but on the upside some did actually still fall pregnant so you never know. Anyway, I'm glad you are slowly starting to feel better. It sounds like a horrible thing to go through and worse that it makes no sense at all when they say it's not OHSS!